27 August 2018

5 Of The Best Green Screen Video Software For Windows/ Mac

So you're looking for a software that can remove completely the green or blue background in your raw footage to turn it into something more movie looking? You're at the right place now. I am happy to share with you this ultimate list of 5 best green screen video software you can use on Windows or Mac. These are the most simple to use programs that I've reviewed carefully.

Top 5 Best Green Screen Video Software For Windows/ Mac

1. VSDC Free Video Editor

We highly recommend this free video editor if you need a capable video editing software that allows you to cut, trim, join video clips, add transitions and special effects to your video rather than just removing the green background in your clip. Frankly speaking, VSDC is not as simple to use as other premium video editors like Filmora or Movavi because of its multiple scenes timeline editor. However, when you overcome the learning curve, the reward is great. You'll get a professional video editing software at no cost. Learn more about VSDC here!
Take a look at this tutorial to know how to remove green screen background from your video.

2. Filmora Video Editor

Filmora video editor is a classic timeline video editing software which is very simple to use even you are a novice user. It lets you cut, trim, crop video, add filters, transitions to your clips with just drag-n-drop actions. It's also a good green screen software too. When we tested green screen feature in Filmora, it works perfectly. Sadly, this is not a free video editor like VSDC. You can only try it with a watermark on the output. To remove the output, you'll need to consider to purchase a license at $59.99 lifetime. Read more review of Filmora Video Editor here!
Watch this video tutorial to know how easy to use Filmora green screen feature.

3. Lightworks

Lightworks is a famous film editor which is available to use for free with a limitation at your output (720p only). But you have all the features of its pro version, including green screen effect. Lightworks is a little bit more difficult to use than Filmora and VSDC we mentioned earlier. However, it's worth too learn since it is powerful yet professional program you can use for free on both Windows and Mac. Read more about Lightworks here!
Take a look at this how-to tutorial to learn how to remove green screen in Lightworks

4. TechSmith Camtasia

When it comes to video editing, TechSmith Camtasia is a powerful you must not overlook. It comes in with a high quality screen recorder which is very useful for those of you who often create YouTube video. Added to that, it's also built with a professional video editing suite with green screen feature. Removing green background in your video with Camtasia is as easy as a piece of cake. The only reason we don't rate Camtasia in higher position is just about its expensive license price - $249 lifetime. For professionals, this is not a big deal. For beginners, you'll have to think about it. Read more review of Camtasia here!

5. Movavi Video Editor

This is a cost-effective video editing software that includes everything needed to turn your raw footage into stunning movies. The program lets you remove the green background from your video in just a few clicks. If you are video editing beginners, Movavi video editor is a good option to go. Read more review of Movavi Video Editor here!
Learn how to remove green background with Movavi in this video tutorial.
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