26 August 2017

Top 5 Free Screen Recorders Without Watermark

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This is the list of top 5 free screen recorders that will not leave a watermark in your recorded videos with some bonus from publishers we have reviewed and test recently. All tools are free to record video and audio to make screencast or tutorial video easily.

Watermark is always a big issue in free screen recorders. Why?
  • You can not use the videos because it sometimes cover the information you want to show to your audience.
  • Your videos look very ugly with a big watermark at the center.
  • Showing your watermarked videos may causes some copyright issues.
I'm pretty sure that you don't like the Watermark. But this is the most common way the publishers want to protect their products from free users who don't want to buy a paid recorder from them. The watermark is the most gentle reminder from publisher about illegal use of the software.
Then, Why are there good free screen recorders without watermark? There are some reasons for that such as: The publisher want to attract more users for their new products . Or the product is not targeted at the people who only use screen recording functions.
Okay, let's go straight to the matter!

Top 5 Free Screen Recorders Without Watermark

1. ActivePresenter Free Screen Recorder - No Watermark - No Time Limit - Windows & Mac

ActivePresenter is a powerful, free screen recorder that allow you to capture your desktop videos and audios in full HD quality without leaving a watermark on recorded videos. There is no recording time limitation as well. After finish recording, you can also edit recorded video in slide-based interface and finally export to output file in AVI, MP4, MKV or WebM.
Read our full review about ActivePresenter here!

2. VSDC Free Screen Recorder - No Watermark - No Time Limit - Windows

The 2nd free screen recorder that will not leave a watermark on your video we recommend you to try is VSDC Free screen recorder. This is simply an amazing free capturing tool where you can grab your desktop videos and audios in high quality. It is similar to ActivePresenter in some ways. While recording you can activate drawing tool to add annotations, shapes, highlight, text and s on. Although VSDC free screen recorder does not provide video editing tools like ActivePresenter, but you can use their free video editor to edit the video easily.
Read our full review about VSDC free Screen recorder here!

3. Icecream Free Screen Recorder - No Watermark - 10 Minutes Limit

Icecream free screen recorder is the tool i often use to take screen shot, capturing shot videos while making reviews of a products. It is easy to use with adjustable recording frame and possible to record webcam as well. It is similar to VSDC free screen recorder with some drawing tools while the major drawback in icecream is the lack of video editing features we are looking for. So, rolling up the topic you can try ActivePresenter or VSDC. If you are not happy with them, try this simple free tool.
Read our full review about Icecream free screen recorder here!

4. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder - No Watermark - No Time Limit - Web-based Tool

Apowersoft free screen recorder is one of the best free web-based screen recorder at present time. It has intuitive user interface that you can use easily online with only some click at their website. Apowersoft's recorded video will not have a watermark and you have many other options to simply edit the video, convert it to various format or upload it directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive or Dropbox. Although we don't appreciate its' editing tools, but this is our first recommendation for users to choose free online screen recorder.
Read our full review abour Apowersoft free conline screen recorder here!

5. Screencast O Matic Free Online Screen Recorder - No Watermark - 15 Minutes Limit

The last tool i would like to recommend to you is Screencas O Matic free online screen recorder. It will not leave a watermark on recorded video as said. However, you have only 15 minutes to record in this free version. Using Screencast O Matic is almost the same with Apowersoft. Some special features are: record desktop screen, webcam and both option, upload recorded video directly to YouTube or Cloud.
Read our full review about Screencast O Matic here!

Bottom Line

By using the above mentioned free screen recorder, you will never have to worry about Watermark. Have you tried any of them? Let's us know your opinion in the comment box.
Thanks very much for being here. I hope you can find suitable tools for your work. Remember to follow us to receive valuable post notification in the future.
Good look!
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