29 August 2017

The best software review website in 2017

eLearning Supporter is software review website that distributes independent, true reviews on elearning software and authoring tools as well as screencasting tools, video editing software, screen recorders, screencast tips, how-to guides and more related issues which maybe interesting to you. We are independent reviewers, editors, writters and do not belong to any organization, party, company, enterprise.
Just a second! What is true reviews? Are you wondering? Read our publishing content principles.

Principles Of Publishing Content

All information provided in this site maybe not unique contents but we think they are valuable for readers around the world.
All contents on this site will not only cover elearning industry but also other related issues like visual, audio software reviews, HTML5 tool, Free & Paid software and interesting things from our Guest Post. Therefore, we can share with you about:
√ A post relates to elearning software review or an authoring tool that we want to recommended to you.
√ A summarized list of free screen recorders, video editors, elearning software, html5 tools and so on.
√ A tip or how-to video from a specific product which we think it is helpful, interesting.

How We Work?

eLearning Supporter Team is a group of brothers, sisters and friends who have the same interest in education industry, information technology, marketing and PR. We search for products/software/ services related to online education industry (e-Learning), test them and post a review about that product in this website.

Our Targets

√ Provide a safe, useful, online place for professionals, novices in this industry to discuss related issue, download specific products/ services with no fear of internet-potential-risks. 
√ Share valuable knowledge to as many people as possible.

Comment Rules On Our Site

You are free to comment any thing you like on this site. However, if we see that your comment maybe an action of spams or any irrelevant content, we may delete your comments without any notice.

Copyright Notice

Blog posts on our site may not be republished without express written permission of eLearning Supporter Team or dedicated Authors.
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