17 August 2017

Best Free Screen Recorders 2017

This is top 5 best screen recording software generated by elearning supporter team. They are totally FREE with amazing features.

Are you looking for the best free screen recording software? Stop here! You don't need to search any more. Here are 5 best free screen recording software that can satisfy you.

1.ActivePresenter - Free Screen recorder

Record your footage on Desktop free without Time limit and Watermark at high definition Full HD and a feature-packed video editing tools.
ActivePresenter is one of the best free screen recorders at present time. Like most of other screencast tools in the world, ActivePresenter provides a powerful free screen recorder for users to record videos and audios from your computer's screen, take screenshots as well as editing the videos to create tutorial videos, product demonstration videos or software simulations.
[caption id="attachment_1408" align="alignnone" width="1243"]activepresenter-user-interface ActivePresenter provides simple interface with white and blue color and well arranged tools bar on top. Start capturing by click NEW CAPTURE[/caption]
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Record videos & audios as long as you want.
  • Record system sounds.
  • Record mouse movements.
  • Integrated with advanced video editing tools: You can Cut, crop, split, merge videos, add text caption, blur effects, transition...etc.
  • Edit multiple videos/ slides.
  • Adding Annotations, animations to videos.
  • Export file to AVI, MKV, WebM, MP4 in Full HD quality.
  • Can work in both Windows & Mac.
  • No webcam record.
  • Can't upload directly online.

2. Icecream free Screen Recorder

The most simple, professional free screen recorder for Windows & Mac with drawing tools. Record computer's screen & Webcam easily.
Icecream screen recorder is one of my favorite screen capture tools. When working with computer, I often use Icecream to take screen shots and record short videos without editing and deliver it to my friends promptly. It is easy to install on your computer.
[caption id="attachment_1057" align="alignnone" width="631"]Icecream-Free-Screen-recorder Icecream Screen Recorder Interface is simplified and easy to use.[/caption]
  • Easy to install and simplified user interface.
  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Record videos and audios and around mouse area.
  • Save videos to MP4, WebM, MOV, MP4.
  • Take Screen Shots and draw outline on the screen during recording.
  • Recording time is limited to 10 minutes only.
  • There are no video editing tools.

3. Screencast O Matic

Record video & adios free online and share your footage to YouTube, Vimeo or cloud. 
Screencast O Matic is an web-based free screen recorder. It has almost the same features with Icecream screen recorder such as: Webcam recording, draw outline during recording. Allow to record videos & audios without editing. Screencast O Matic is really simple to use and best for short screencast video. (less than 10 minutes).
  • Easy to use.
  • Record video & audio narration.
  • Record Webcam or both Screen and webcam.
  • Save file to MP4, AVI, FLV
  • Upload directly to YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Recording time is limited to 15 minutes only.
  • No video editing tools.

4. Flash Back Express

The best free screen recorder for games. Record your screen and webcam to make fantastic videos and presentations to share online.
Flash Back Express is another good free screen recorder for you to try. It can be used to record videos & audios with few video editing tools and export files to WMV. Scheduling recording time is one of the most unique functions in Flash Back Express. There is no time limitation at all.
[caption id="attachment_2426" align="alignnone" width="613"]Flash Back Express Free Screen Recorder Flash Back Express User Interface is easy to use and navigate.[/caption]
  • Easy to use. You can download and install quickly.
  • Can record video and audio.
  • Record from webcam.
  • Scheduling recording time.
  • No recording time limitation.
  • Edit and share video directly to YouTube.
  • Lack of necessary video editing tools.
  • Can save file in WMV only.
  • Require to register an account before you start.

5. Bandicam free Screen Recorder

A strong, power free screen recorder for games and long screencast. Record from any videos device like webcam, IPTV, Smartphone and PS/box to share on YouTube and Vimeo.
Bandicam has been famous all over the world as a favorite screen recorder for gamer and screencast creator. Although it does not include powerful editing tools like ActivePresenter but it is capable of recording from external device such as Webcam and HDMI devices.
bandicam 2017-07-27 09-41-36-594
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Record videos & audios within 10 minutes.
  • Output file: AVI & MP4.
  • Record game plays in high quality.
  • Recording time is limited to 10 minutes with a watermark.
  • No integrated video editing tools.

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